In this articel, you will learn about the 10 ways to become a successful musician in Nigeria.

Each forthcoming performer will forever deal with the issue of how to track down achievement in one of the greatest flourishing industry on the planet

I mean the Music Industry.

It is no denying of the way that our own personal ‘Naija Music Industry’ has developed so enormously.

To the point that, we continue seeing youthful impending artiste coming to the spotlight from time to time.

Thusly as one of your educators, let me present to you the 10 ways to become a successful musician in Nigeria.


Well! You will hear 1,000 individuals say:”Naija music industry no be beans.

You should have associations or huge cash to enter and remain”.

In any case, am here to let you know that, assuming you get tied up with such a thought, you will before long abandon the business and leave, and at such carry your vocation to a super durable end.

Accordingly, rather than paying attention to those tall tales, settle down and find out with regards to the business.

Furthermore how might you do that?


Try to get to know the people who have been in the business previously.

Regardless of whether they blow, it doesn’t mean they were ineffective, rather one occasion or experience may have been the explanation they left the business.

What’s more wandered into other profession or business that benefitted them more, and denied them of time to settle down and make music.

So you really want to comprehend that they didn’t leave the business with nothing.

They sure probably acquired one information or the other with regards to how one should make the business work for him.

Once in a while this information may have been acquired when they left.

So assuming that you are only fortunate for them to allow you crowd and give you tips. You will promptly have the tech-skill of the music business.
One exhortation I might want to give in this respects is that, you ought not set your brain a lot on observing a tutor in somebody who is as of now fruitful in the business.

In other words, somebody who has as of now blown or is as of now causing ripple effects.

The explanation I am saying this is on the grounds that, greater part of those folks as of now causing ripple effects don’t need one more to come in and eclipse them, or take a fan or two from them.

What’s more assuming you are generally appalling, they will wind up coercing cash from you, and forsake you once you become broke.

Yet, then again somebody who passed on the business to seek after different undertakings and became effective in them will actually want to direct you.

Later all both of you are not having a similar profession, so for what reason would he fret over you dominating him.


I keep thinking about whether you know about the maxim “Music is Business”.

This maxim implies that, you must be proficient in business to prevail as a performer.

Except if you are not doing business music. That is, music you need to offer to the general population and make gain out of it.

Each effective financial specialist will rush to illuminate you that, regardless of whether you as of now have the cash-flow to put resources into any item or administration, you should above all else set up a “Strategy”.
Before you execute it, to have the option to create gain out of those items and administrations.

For example, it is a marketable strategy that will illuminate you about the benefits and detriments of the items and administrations you need to contribute on.

It is likewise a strategy that will listen for a minute you should consider while picking an area for your business and so on

Along these lines, a performer who has business information will know the sort of melody he should make to enter into the public interest and sell out like unadulterated water.

So along these lines a performer with business information should sling from, having a tune or a collection to having a business.


My dear companion, I am beseeching you for the sake of God, never for once engage the possibility that you are the most incredible in your class.

Regardless of whether you can spit 3 hours free-form without rehashing words, never still feel that you are awesome.

You may rap quicker than Twista or whosoever is the current world’s quickest rapper. Still never think you are awesome.

Maybe work on improving or gaining some new useful knowledge constantly.

Pay attention to other people who are on top in your class and discover what recent trend or example they are joining into their music.
Concentrate on new artiste who are breaking into the standard, and post for that thing which is making them hot.

Acquire and rebrand those abilities, and add to your own abilities.

Model, you can even go the extent that concentrating on another dialect in Nigeria that isn’t your own and placed it some place in your tune.

So that, when individuals from that clan hears their language in your melody, it will start a discussion like whether you are from their place however was conceived or raised at where you are found at this point.

Regardless of whether they find where you are from, they will begin imagining that your mom should be from their clan, or you are locked in or hitched to somebody from their clan.

These discussions in the end will help your fan base to develop from that specific clan.

Do you have at least some idea the number of fans 2Baba acquired from Nigeria when he made a melody in Ibibio language title “Mfina Ibagha” signifying “No issue”.

Despite the fact that he at last wedded Annie from that clan, he had acquired an adequate number of fans from the Calabar clan before they understood he was their in-law, due to that tune.

Something else you can do with respect to this angle is to try out schools or projects coordinated for artiste.

For example, to prepare their voices; and quit being persuaded your voice is the best.

Assuming you soak up this thought, you will before long find how you are gaining new abilities that will cause you to have more command over your voice.

It may astound you to realize that even your Big Artiste have mentors who helps them from time to time to improve or gain some new useful knowledge.

Which they are joining into their tunes to assist them with continuing being that artist everybody is praising today.


You should see that a certain something or a tune that will separate you from the colossal contest progressing in this industry.

For example, Naira Marley was never notable until he made the tune “Am I a Yahoo Boy” and got captured by EFCC.

Since indictment got for Marley a public presence, on the grounds that each medium houses and online bloggers were keeping reports on what was happening with Naira Marley while he was in cell.

Before long the adventure finished his supposed fan base ‘Marlians” started to spread like out of control fire, and today every debate following the Marlians fan base is making Naira Marley increasingly famous.

This happened in light of the fact that he had something that put him aside from others.

So you should track down what to do or sing regarding that will make everyone’s eyes turn towards your heading.

What’s more no time you will observe industry proprietors and patrons searching for you all over.

Be that as it may, kindly don’t leave it alone anything identifying with wrongdoing, since, in such a case that you wind up being locked away, you will lose every one of the fans you began to assemble when you return back.

Fabricate A TEAM

Indeed! Having a group is exceptionally important to prevail as an artist. This is on the grounds that you will have such a large number of individuals chipping away at your sake.

And surprisingly beyond what that, a colleague can be associated with an uncle name proprietor or support. Also his acquainting you with that individual may be the start of your stroll to fame.

Presently the main thing about finding and keeping a colleague is that, you should speak to one advantage or the other on their part.

In other words, your colleague should know about the thing he will acquire eventually for working with you.

Presently let me uncover to you that, there are a thousand and one people out there who has cash or associations, however are longing to be perceive by the general population or notice in the group.

However, tragically they do not have the ability that can assist them with doing as such.

So what they will wind up searching for is to relate to the individual who has the ability, so that through that individual, they can accomplish their point.

Hence search for this sort of individuals and have them in your group, and you will acknowledge what exertion they will put to cause you to become effective.

Quit being a room performer and go out there to observe individuals you will place in your group.

What’s more when you do observe them, keep them snared by doing those things that will fulfill them.

For example, you can do a melody and notice their names on it; and you will perceive how they will need everyone to pay attention to that tune by sharing it on each stage they approach.


To make is as an artist, you should set up your quality, and let individuals feel it in the web-based local area.

It isn’t actually about having three Facebook accounts full with 5,000 companions each, or 10,000 page likes.

However, the key here is to have a place with an online group(s) that will assist you with learning some things about the music exchange, to some degree occasionally.

What I am attempting to say here is that you should look for some, music-related gatherings that you can join.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth

Becasue that is the place where you will find conversations by experienced experts in the business on a few perspectives that concerns the business.

At the point when you are there associate with as a considerable lot of them that you can.

Send them private messages, posing inquiries and mentioning for information on how you can make the best out of your melodic profession.

There are incalculable people who are enthusiastic about aiding youthful artiste to not mess up the same way that they did.

Accordingly, you should go internet based sometimes to track down them


Greater part of the large artiste you see out there were found by their record marks or patrons during a gig.

The artiste performed so well that the group was hailing and yelling, despite the fact that he was a cutting-edge.

That is the thing that record names are searching for-an artiste who can pull a group.

So what occurs later the show?

They approach the booking specialists or coordinators, or even the artiste direct and take his contact subtleties.

Following day he gets a call, and in a matter of seconds, he is marking papers of turning into a whiz.

Consequently, consistently ensure you book yourself in on gigging at each smallest chance that introduces itself.

Regardless of whether you need to pay booking specialists so they could allow you an opportunity to perform, do it.

Most particularly on shows that includes A-List artiste.

Thus, to turn into a hotshot, gigging full time is one of the keys.


Since you burned through a large number of Naira to arrange a show that nobody paid to enter, or your music has been online for quite a long time and has just 10 perspectives; you currently need to unwind or likely surrender and seek after another vocation.

My sibling and companion, before you do that, go around and meet each A-List artiste; and they will stop for a minute they’ve experienced to get to where they are today.

I have actually had my own beverage from the cup of vinegar served by this industry.

I once spent near 200,000 to arrange a show and returned home with only 1,000 the following morning.

Anyway my show was a disappointment on the grounds that there was a free show in my equivalent area, in addition to it was on an Easter decent Thursday where everybody was in chapel starting the Easter festival.

I will not discuss my parent’s cash that I squandered to record tracks and collection that went no place, yet I didn’t yield on my work nor abandon diversion.

What’s more despite the fact that I didn’t make it as A-List artiste, my involvement with the business has caused me to turn out to be today a record name proprietor, online advertiser, blogger, cinematography, photographic artist.

Regardless of anything else, it is the very experience that is assisting me with being the one appearance a great deal of impending artiste the street to making it in this industry.

So regardless safe you meet, never yield your work nor surrender in this industry.


Presently you have taken in this large number of fundamental deceives, and you’re exceptional to place your vocation the correct way.

In any case, I need you to realize that there is an extraordinary power behind offering back what you have gotten.

There is an axiom that says “provide for get”.

So the time is now for you to pass this information around to each forthcoming artiste you know.

Who can say for sure, that individual’s karma may very well come before, and recalling that you were the person who suggested the tips or deceives that assisted him with succeeding, he will set you up as well.

Indeed, even a little highlighting in one of his or your track, it will assist you with developing the fan base that will sling your profession to a higher level.

Accordingly, connect with and help each different vocalists and artists the same way you are helped.

Keep their expectations alive, share this article and each and every other thing else you have discovered that has helped driven your profession towards the correct heading.


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