In this articel, you will learn about the 7 things you must do if you want to sign a record deal in Nigeria.


First and foremost, when you think about a record deal.

Think about a group of wealthy business men, who are desperately in need of a commodity or product, to buy and sell, in order to make so much profit.

Now consider yourself, the artiste, as that commodity or product.

And always be reminded that, there is no business man on this earth who would chose to buy a commodity or product he has already seen as, unfit or not good for consumption.

Back in 2013, when I wanted to set up a small home recording studio in my own bedroom apartment, I had limited resources; so I used it to purchase few equipments for my small recording studio.

My main plan was to have an independent studio where I can record my own songs alone.

But soon enough other upcoming artiste in the area heard about the recording studio and came to make their own music.

But I had a challenge which was how to make a quality sound production.

There was no soundcard to achieve a clean audio sound; and we were recording from the internal soundcard of the CPU.

But soon enough I began to have the idea of starting my own record label.

In the course of my research, one of the areas I was more concerned with was, what record labels really look out for in an artiste before signing him.

And so, I thought it wise to gather the knowledge I gained, as a potential record label owner, and use this medium to enlighten artiste here in Nigeria, and anywhere else in the world; on the 7 things they must do if they want to get a record deal.

1. Make good music.

The motivation behind why such countless individuals don’t mind such a huge amount to pay attention to forthcoming artiste, is a direct result of the bad quality creation they heft around.

Indeed! The initial inquiry that comes into the brain of a record name proprietor, when he is being given crafted by an impending artiste he has never known about before is:

“Has he had the option to pay for a costly studio all together get a quality sound creation.

Furthermore, most impending artiste don’t have the foggiest idea about the sort of music they should make.

Envision a forthcoming artiste singing with regards to how he has made it, and when he comes through individuals scramble to him for signatures.

When in the real sense, he is meandering the roads by walking, or presumably conveying blocks in a structure site to make money.

Thirdly, scores of forthcoming artiste put out tunes that are whack or has neither rhyme nor reason.

In some cases their tune title and what they are singing about are very surprising.

So in summary, to make good music you must ensure that you find a good record studio, and pay good money in order to get a good sound production.

Besides, be aware of what you are singing about, particularly in flaunting tunes.

Never give record names the motivation to place your CD in the dustbin by attempting to tell who cares in your tune that, you journey in and out of town in three Ferrari’s, encompassed by 50 models and so forth

Most certainly they will imbecilic your CD in the waste.

Since, supposing that you as of now have the cash, what then, at that point, are you searching for in a record bargain.

Why not go through your own cash and set your own studio and become a mark proprietor.

Additionally ensure your verses and pitches are great.

Assuming you are not very great recorded as a hard copy or making, observe somebody who can compose to alter your tunes before you hit the studio for the recording legitimate.

2. Shoot a music video.

It is no denying of the way that a decent music video will effectively uncover a forthcoming artiste and make record mark proprietors connect with him.

In any case, it’s anyway tragic that, such countless impending artistes accept that, it is too costly to even consider shooting a melodic video nowadays.

Indeed! It is pricey to shoot a music video provided that you are searching for top music chiefs like, Clarence Peters or Unlimited L.A; to deal with your video creation.

In any case, I need to tell you that, there are so many trying and great music chiefs out there.

Who are searching for a forthcoming artiste with a low financial plan; and now and then even no spending plan, to shoot a niece music video for, to make a name.

Regardless of whether the top chiefs are shooting with costly cameras to accomplish a spotless video foundation.

I bet you, there are impending music video chiefs who can accomplish a very niece video foundation with a Canon 60D camera, which is shading remedied in postproduction.

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