Big Brother Gives Season 6 Housemates Lockable Boxes For Personal Items.

Big Brother Naija has given season 6 housemates lockable boxes to keep their personal items.

The boxes were provided by Big Brother on Saturday, day 35 of the show, as read in the brief by the Head of House, Liquorose.

The brief read, “In the store room, you will find 14 lockable boxes provided for you. Big Brother would like you to use these lockable boxes for the safekeeping of your personal and precious items.The rest of your belongings should be kept in the dressing room closets and drawers. “This means you should transfer all your belongings from your luggage bag to either your lockable box, your drawer or closet space.”

Following the brief, the housemates wondered why only 14 boxes were provided while there were 20 housemates in the show.

Liquorose then explained that since six of the housemates were up for eviction, they have been exempted because they’ll have to pack their belongings against eviction on Sunday.

The housemates up for eviction include Pere, Maria, Cross, JMK, Queen, and Sammie.

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