This post will help you to learn how to delete a song on the free digital music streaming app known as Audiomack.

Audiomack is a free digital streaming and podcast music app which allows musicians and content creators to upload their songs and share with their fans and music consumers online.

Both artistes and content creators can upload their songs on the Audiomack app, while users on the other hand are free to play songs online as well as save and play it back offline.

To upload songs on Audiomack is very easy, but still a lot of artiste find it very hard to do so.

But on this article I am going to reveal to you how to delete a song from Audiomack.

To begin, you have to first and foremost sign up on Audiomack either on phone or via email.

Then before you delete a song, you have to login to your Audiomack account and follow the steps I am going to show you below.

How To Delete Songs On Audiomack

Step 1.

First and foremost, go to your Audiomack profile and click on ‘Creator Dashboard’ as you can see in the image below.

Step 1 image: Delete a song on Audiomack.

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Step 2.

Next thing is to go to the left menu and click on ‘Manage Content’ as you can see in the image below.

Image 2: how to delete a song on Audiomack.

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Step 3.

Finally, click on ‘Settings’ icon on the song you wish to delete and click on delete.

And your song will successfully be deleted from Audiomack.

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