This article is going to help you learn how to get social media influencers to promote your music for you for free.

We are residing during a time where influencer marketing is rapidly developing; in practically every circle of online endeavors, including the music business.

However, before we learn anything about social media influencers, let us first of all comprehend who is a social media influencer.

Who is an influencer?

Influencers are Social Media users who have been able to build a large followings on their social media platforms.

They inherit this name because of the influence they have over their large fanbase or followers; which we often call clout.

There are several ways that this influencers tap into that clout; and in so doing give themselves the ability to influence potential buyers to buy a product or service they promote. Especially when they are paid to do so.

Step 1 – Create great promotional contents.

Before you start your excursion of attempting to find a social media influencer to promote your music for free; ensure you have your promotional content forthright.

The contents that patterns most is normally visual, in other words video contents.

And when it relates to music; there are several promotional videos you can do for your music; and one of the easiest is a freestyle video.

Most artiste however consider freestyle video as the kind of video where you sing your song offhead; as you can learn how to use your already recorded track to make a freestyle video via this article: How To Shoot Freestyle Videos With A Smartphone.

While making your promotional content, guarantee you make it the best quality that you can lay hands on; in light of the fact that, your video will probably be dismissed by an influencer if it doesn’t seem to atract them.

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Step 2 – Find and choose the right influencers who are going to promote your music.

One doesn’t really have to have a great many supporters on their social media platforms to be a social media influencers.

Anybody whose fanbase or followers are fond of engaging with their contents, is able to be a social media influencer.

So when searching for a social media influencer to promote your music free of charge, consistently target both those with a huge number of followers and the individuals who has few followers who are engaging with their contents.

Your key to music promotion is to have individuals who care to pay attention to your music, so any individual who can assist you with doing that is a social media influencer.

So to find your influencers, you really have to go on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and look for the users who have from 10,000 followers up; and check the engagement they are having on their posts.

You can rate those engagement on 40% scale.

For example, assuming somebody has 10,000 followers, they should have something like 4,000 likes and comments on their accounts, or more.

Step 3 – How to approach the influencers you choose.

Once you are done with choosing your influencers, the next thing you need to worry about is how to approach them. And you need to consider this as the most important part of it all.

First thing you need to do is to follow that influencer and start to engage with their contents.

And make sure you do this for a while before ever thinking of approaching them to ask for help in promoting your music.

Most people assume that influencers are too busy to check their DM’s or comment sections, and as such it is unnecessary for them to waste their time engaging with their contents.

But I assure you that reading DM’s and contents are the constant acts of social media influencers, because it helps them get a better understanding of the people who are following them.

Now make sure the comments you are making on their accounts are reasonable; and also use thtat medium to compliment and encourage them in some ways.

One thing you need to understand is that, these guys charge people so high for adverts and promos, and you will just be wasting your precious time if you approach them carelessly to ask for a free promo.

When you are doing this, look out for a response or feedback from the influencer; and once you get one, then you are a step ahead to your success.

Don’t rush into approaching him for a free promotion but continue to send more complements and encouraging words until you probable get a second or third response.

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Step 4 – Approach your influencer now.

It is now time for you to approach your influencer and request for a free promo.

But make sure you do this indirectly, your main target is to get their attention.

So publish the content on your platform and tag him at first. And then wait to get a feedback after few days.

But if you wait and he doesn’t respond, send the content as DM and ask him to help you review it.

Note here that you’re not asking for free promo but for a review.

Now if he responds that it’s dope then you are blessed. But if after waiting somewhile and he doesn’t respond; then send a second DM, and beg him to help you repost or retweet it.

Don’t tell him you need a free promo, but just ask for a simple repost or retweet; and if you succeed in getting it, then you have succeeded in having your free music promotion from an influencer.

Step 5 – Additional tips.

The majority of the influencers likes to do online challenge every once in a while; so consistently look our for such freedom and make a fascinating conents for the test that coordinates with your music.

And if you are able to get a feedback or review, then you are mostly lucky.

In addition, the challenge hashtag will help other people who are following it up to see your stuff.


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