This article will help you learn how to submit your music on audiomack for trending and playlists.

What Is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a free music streaming app, which permits artiste and content creators to upload and share free audio files

Highlights Of Audiomack.

You can upload limitless tracks for nothing. Which implies you don’t need to rely upon merchants before your melody can be noticeable on Audiomack.

At the point when you sign up for Audiomack, you will actually want to get to the Audiomack makers dashboard, and really take a look at refreshes on your details. That is, the quantity of individuals streaming your tunes, and where they are found.

Each fan who follows you on Audiomack, will actually want to get warnings of your new deliveries.

Audiomack has a group that really pays attention to your music. Which implies, they don’t rely upon Algorithm to do the sortings for you.

Finally, Audiomack makes it simple for artiste to present their melodies for playlists. Furthermore they likewise add artiste melodies to the moving segment.

There is a part on the Audiomack site and App called TRENDING.

What’s more this segment comprises of the most smoking melodies, as of late transferred to the stage by artiste.

This part is accumulated by the Audiomack group, and assuming that you are fortunate to get up on it, your melodies can get the biggest number of streams, in a brief timeframe.

So many artiste have either blown, or get found thusly.

The Rules.

All entries for moving on Audiomack should be new deliveries. That is, melodies that has not required over multi month since their delivery.
You can just send only each moving accommodation in turn. On the off chance that you send more than one email of a specific track, it will be considered as spam, and in this way overlooked by the group.
The most effective method to Submit.
Basically email your Audiomack connect to the accompanying email, thinking about your melodic type.

Hip Hop/Rap, RnB, Pop, Podcasts and so forth should submit your music to

Reggae and Dancehall should Submit to

AfroBeats, Afro-Pop and so on should Submit to

Note: Make sure you append a short bio of yourself and melody to the email.

What Playlist Means On Audiomack.

Playlist is an assortment of tunes, chosen from various dispositions and types; which empowers an audience to tune in without interferences.

When paying attention to a playlist, an audience won’t need to stress over choosing another tune, and begin listening when the one as of now playing wraps up.

Audiomack has huge loads of playlists, and assuming your melody gets on one of them; it can truly help both your streams and adherents.

These playlists are made by Audiomack group, and the people who have had the option to get monstrous adherents on Audiomack.

Step by step instructions to Submit Your music For Playlists On Audiomack.

The Rules.

You are simply allowed to submit single tunes for Playlisting. Which means, EPs and Albums are rarely thought of.

However at that point, you can present your melodies to various playlists.

Both old and new melodies can be submitted to Audiomack playlists.

You should determine the playlist you are presenting your tune to.

To observe these playlists, you can basically peruse the Audiomack playlist area.
Instructions to Submit.
Whenever you’ve chosen the playlist you need to get your melody on. Send an email to

Put the playlist name in the subject of your email. Add the connection to your melody on Audiomack, and in the assemblage of you email.


Adhering to all the above directions on the best way to submit melodies for moving and Playlists on Audiomack, is anyway not an assurance that your tune will be on Audiomack moving or playlists.

Then again, in the event that your tune makes it, you will quickly get an affirmation email from Audiomack.

Also it will accompany an exceptionally cool designs.

Presently present the realistic on the entirety of your online media stages. Particularly Instagram and Twitter.

Label the Audiomack group and playlist custodians. Saying thanks to them for counting you qualified to be on their moving and playlist.

You can respond the blessing by retweeting and sharing their posts on your handles.


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