One of the Nigeria’s musical duo of the twins, Peter Okoye who is musically known as Mr. P, has revealed that the both of them did not plan their reconciliation.

The twins singers who parted ways and went singig solo for 4 years suddenly reconciled during their birthday celebration of 2021.

Even though everybody are excited by Psquare coming back together; many people are still wondering what really gave rise to their reconciliation.

But Peter, who just recovered from a sudden illness speaking during an Instagram live session with his brother during a radio tour, made it known that the reconciliation only came through naturally.

He said that though somebody wrote somethin, it s no longer important who made the first move for the reconciliation to be possible.

What matters is that they are both back together.

When he was asked how they reconciled, Mr. P replied: “It was a healing process. It was unplanned”.

He also said that now that both of them are back; Mr. P and Rudeboy will still continue to exist alongside P-Square which means that fans are going to enjoy them as a trio.

He however pointed that those who took sides whiletheir beef lasted are the ones who are loosing now.

He said: “Na person wey take side dey hear am now. If you put mouth or you take side, I hope you are okay now.

“Somebody actually wrote something, he said I want to know who walked up to who.

“I said this is where you people have a problem because, I mean, you see the guys are back doing their thing.

“Not like we don’t still have Rude Boy and Mr P but it is a triple dose. Just enjoy the triple dose, enjoy the moment. Trying to figure out who or how, you don’t need that”.

He maintained that for now, they prefer to ignore opportunities for shows and rather prepare for their own Christmas day show.

“Like I said, we decided not to have any show in Nigeria until this 25th. If we wanted to be doing shows, we will be doing three shows every day,” he said.

“Shows were coming but if they are going to see us perform together, let it be from our concert.

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Last modified: December 23, 2021



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