Tuface’s Brother, Charles Calls Out Annie Idibia Again.

More drama are unfolding as Charles Idibia, Tuface’s brother calls out the singer’s wife, Annie Idibia again.

Charles called out Annie Idibia again on Sunday after a heated exchange on Instagram yesterday September 3. 

It will be recalled that the heated exchange ensued after Annie called out her husband Tuface Idibia, his family and his children’s mothers. Stressing that she has been patient and  has made so many sacrifices for Tuface and his kids, the actress alleged that the singer’s family never liked her from the get go, no matter how hard she tried.

Annie also called out Tuface’s brother, Hyacinth Idibia, for housing the singer, his kids and Pero under the same roof.

Charles in another call-out post on Instagram, accused Annie of making them the “victims of her rage and the war she has chosen never to let go”.

Claiming that he is scared of where Annie’s “violence” will end, he asked her to have re-think as she is always quick to cry fowl. Noting that they can’t agree all the time, the singer’s brother stated that any time she calls for war they will answer because “life is bigger than who has money and who doesn’t.”

Charles who also wished Annie peace and the best, concluded by saying that “we must not all be millionaires to be happy”.

He wrote;  Finally …What scares me most these days is the violence , where does  it end Annie …the fights … “your husband has his own wahala but…is that going to be your solution to this complicated situation life has thrown at you ? Is it when you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a call from Pero demanding he speaks to his kids in the middle of the night due to time difference from the U.S …for example …that you will have Peace …when he is dead then what?  …You would be right …and we would be wrong …then what ? How does he even function as a musician from that kind of environment?.

“Have a re-think Annie , you made us  victims of your rage and the war you have chosen never to let go … Yet you are quick to cry fowl. We can’t all agree with you all the time , because na your husband be ‘King’ and you are the Queen we must all bow to your every command and when you call for war we must answer  … “life is bigger than who has money and who doesn’t. We must not all be millionaires to be happy .  I wish you peace and all the best Annie , God knows I’ve tried . Bye .”

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